Year 2’s Perfect Pancakes!

This week in Year 2, we have been learning all about instructions. We began by being detectives and spotting the key features to instructions, including bossy verbs and numbered instructions. The children did amazingly at highlighting the key features on some sets of instructions, as well as some even going above and beyond by following the instructions themselves!

Once we knew the key features to instructions, it was our turn to order them. Mrs Watson filmed herself cooking up some delicious pancakes and the children had to order the pictures correctly and add a suitable bossy verb to each instruction. Some children even decided to have a go at making their own pancakes as you can see below!

Finally, it was time to write some instructions of our own! The children were set the task to write instructions about how to make pancakes. It was important that they remembered to include the key features of instructions, such as a ‘you will need’ list and bossy verbs. Some photos of the children’s work is below which, I am sure you will agree, they have done a fantastic job of.


Henry 2SE

Cydnee 2SH

George 2PPSW


Well done Year 2 and hopefully you can have a go at making some pancakes of your own on Pancake Day! What toppings will you choose?