Year 3 art week!

In year 3, we focused on an ancient building in Cambodia called Angkor Wat. We loved the beautiful architecture and the interesting history which dates back to the early 12th century.

The first thing we did was learn about this wonderful place. We found out where it is, what is around it, how it was built, why it was built and who used it. Then we all created fact files on what we had learnt and turned these facts into acrostic poems.

When finding out about Angkor Wat, we were amazed at the beautiful sunsets that happen there! We wanted to recreate these sunsets and we discussed that using watercolours would create a beautiful blend of colours, similar to the sky when the the sun sets. We looked at different techniques including blending and water saturation on the paintbrush. They are so effective! Finally, we added a silhouette of Angkor Wat to make the sunset stand out even more!

Looking into more detail, we noticed that the building was covered in sculptures of different animals and people. Interested in the statues, we tried to recreate our own Angkor Wat statues using clay. Although it was messy, we are so impressed with how they turned out!

Thinking about Angkor Wat’s stunning architecture, we thought about how hard it must have been to build over 30 years in the 12th century with no modern machinery. Although we knew it would be tricky, we built our own replicas using recyclable materials. We paid close attention to the temple’s towers and box-shape design, and chose our reusable objects carefully to mimic the shapes.

We honestly had so much fun this week and we loved learning about a new place and country too!