Year 3 Astounds again!

Year 3 have been amazing again this week! They astound us with their motivation and commitment to learning at home. This week in Literacy we set them the task of learning to write a setting description as an opening for a narrative or story. We used a short film called ‘Marshmallows’ to help us with this task. On Monday the children watched a fraction of the clip and then used expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors to describe the vicious monster. We were bowled over with the super choice of vocabulary used to describe the monster.

On Tuesday, Mrs Power asked the children to predict what would happen in the rest of the film before letting them watch the ending. To check that everyone understood all elements of the film, we asked the children to answer some R.I.C. questions. Their answers were brilliant and definitely showed that they could retrieve and interpret information as well as explaining why they thought the film maker chose to slow the music. Here are some of the answers.

On Wednesday, Miss Keep modelled recalling simple things from the film such as the lake, trees, fire, forest, etc.  She then demonstrated how to write some simple phrases that included adjectives, similes and metaphors e.g. dark trees as big as skyscrapers. She then challenged the children to write their own phrases to describe the setting using adjectives, similes and metaphors. 

Beth even up levelled hers by correcting some spellings and thinking of synonyms for some of her words!

On Thursday, the children were asked to add prepositional phrases at the beginning or end of their sentences to add even more detail about the setting. The children really rose to the challenge and we were really impressed with their choice of vocabulary.

As part of the weekly challenges, we challenged the children to make their own play dough using flour, hair conditioner and food colouring. We think that the children enjoyed this one!

As part of our new topic, we asked Year 3 to research and answer questions about Grace Darling and to make an origami boat. Take a look at their super work.


There has been so much more amazing learning this week including lots of reading,  P.E., marvellous maths work, art creations, fruit growing and role play shopping!!




Well done Year 3! We are so proud of you and all that you are achieving! Keep up the good work!