Year 3 at the beach!

Year 3 have been amazing again this week! We are so, so proud of them and the work they are doing.

We have been learning about about staying safe at the beach and in the sea. We challenged Year 3 to find out about the different flags that they might see when visiting the beach. The beach is a wonderful place but we need to know how to have fun and stay safe.When you arrive at the beach the first thing you might see is a sign giving you all the information about the beach you’re visiting. This includes important safety info on the hazards specific to the area. If the beach you’re at is not lifeguarded, please take extra care if you are going into the water. If lifeguards are on patrol, they put up flags to give you information, so you will need to know your flags:

RNLI crews and lifeguards have saved over 142,700 lives since 1824. Before we start to learn more about the RNLI, we challenged Year 3 to make their own RNLI boat using recycled materials and asked them to see if it could float. Miss Keep made a video of how she made her boat, to help everyone with some ideas. Here are some of the amazing results!


We also asked Year 3 to look at a beach picture from the RNLI and challenged them to spot as many dangers as they could. There were 14 dangers but Nicolas was so safety conscious and found 15 dangers!

Year 3 have been fantastic and so motivated to complete their learning at home. Here is some more of their wonderful work.

In Literacy, they have spent the week planning and writing an explanation text. Their writing is very informative!




There has also been P.E., spelling work, Maths, reading, grammar work, teamwork and gardening!

And…Layton became a very proud uncle! Congratulations to all his family!

Thank you again for all your work! You are all SUPERSTARS!