Year 3 Geography Project

In Year 3 we have launched our new Geography project for this half term.

We have all really enjoyed the start of this project as it has allowed us to really connect with our surroundings and the world as a whole. We began by using Google Earth to see if we could find Kingsleigh Primary School and even took a look at Bournemouth from the air! The children have really enjoyed using our brand new atlases to discover more about the world and took part in a quiz to test their knowledge and atlas skills.

In our project lessons, we have been learning about the differences between continents, countries and counties and the children have learnt the 4 different countries that make up the United Kingdom. We have also looked at the 7 continents of the world and discovered famous landmarks that can be found in each continent.

This week we have begun to learn all about Italy in preparation for our Italy day next week which we are all really excited about!