Year 3 Paris Reports

For our final week of our, ‘Homeward Bound’ topic we decided to show off our new writing skills by writing a non-chronological report.    Our information was mainly from a page out of our ‘Lots’ book.  We chose to write all about Paris.  We have learned to use titles and sub-titles to organise our information.


We included information about French food.  We know that Paris is famous for its smelly cheese and that a delicious breakfasts of pastry and hot chocolate!  We wrote all about the lovely cakes they eat in cafes such as macaroons and chocolate eclairs.

Next we wrote about all the lovely activities you can do in Paris.  Most of us enjoyed writing about Disneyland .  The Tour de France was included and the fact that visitors to France enjoy visiting the famous cafes and bars.

Finally we added buildings that can be found in Paris such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.  We learnt about the museums in Paris and the Notre Damn Cathedral so we added that to our reports.

We are really proud of our extended writing this week!