Year 3 Poetry

Year 3 have been studying poetry. We have been focussing our learning around, ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright.

We realised the lines, ‘the swish of a silk sari on a summer night’ and, ‘the tip of a tongue touching a tooth’ contained alliteration, so we decided to have a go at some of our own! The results were amazing!

Jayden wrote, “The colour of a Christmas cracker left on a cracked coffee table. The death of a dark dragon in a den.”

Louisa wrote, “The creation of a camouflaged creature in a cauldron.”

Maddie wrote, “The sparking of a shining star on the silk. The licking of a lovely lolly-pop on a leaking lily pad.”

I’m sure you’ll agree that these are examples of amazing alliteration!

Then we realised that the lines, ‘a cowboy on a broomstick, a witch on a white horse’ were opposite phrases. We decided to have a go at writing our own!


Rosie wrote, “An engineer rocking a killer party, a poster fixing an engine.”

Jude wrote, “Red Riding Hood with big teeth, the big bad wolf with a basket.”

Max wrote. “the last word of an ancient author, the first leaf of a sapling.”

Year 3 are so excited to continue our learning around poetry, and next week we will be writing our own versions of Kit Wright’s ‘The Magic Box’!