Year 3 to Butser Ancient Farm

Year 3 have been learning about Early Man and as part of this topic, we went on a trip to Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire. It was such a fun day!

To start with, we had a safety talk about the site and then ventured into one of their Iron Age roundhouses! It was a huge, thatched roundhouse with a real fire pit in the middle! One of the staff told us about the roundhouses – did you know that one of the reasons there’s a fire in the middle is so that the smoke kills all the bugs in the thatch? As there are no bugs, no birds peck at the thatch too! Iron Age people were very clever!

We had four activities during the day – wattling, excavation, jewellery making and a tour of the Iron Age site. When we did wattling, we learnt how to build a woven fence using tree wood! The children we absolutely amazing at fence building!

During our excavation activity, we did some digging with tools to find objects from the past. We used our archaeological skills to work out if the objects were Stone Age, Iron Age, Roman or modern! Look at what we found!


After we had eaten lunch, we had the opportunity to make some Iron Age-style jewellery. We made rings or earrings out of copper wire, using pliers to shape the metal so it was safe against our skin. Aren’t they beautiful?!


The staff at Butser Ancient Farm also gave us a tour of their Iron Age settlement and we had the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about this period of time. We even saw an Iron Age loo!

What an incredible day! We will remember this for years to come!