Year 3’s Amazing Guided Reading!

Year 3 are completely engrossed in their book, The Secret Lake, and this week they continued to unravel the mystery. On Monday they discovered that, whilst Tom and Stella were in the other ‘world’, Tom recognised one of the houses as being their home. They heard about a thief who stole from the family and then recognised the thief as the boy who was in the boat. Miss Wilson then asked the children to complete a Vocabulary Laboratory just like we would in school on a Monday! We normally do this as a whole class, so we are super proud of everyone’s individual efforts.

On Tuesday,  whilst reading Chapter 7, they discovered that Stella and Tom realised that they had gone back in time. They decided to go home but the tunnel was no longer there! Then Stella and Tom met the thief (Jack) and shared stories about who really was the thief. Miss Pawsey then asked Year 3 to write a summary of chapter 7, including key events but not too much detail! Here are some of the fantastic summaries that were emailed in.

On Wednesday, Tom and Stella visit the house (which is theirs but in the past) during the night. Tom wanted to see what his room was like but found it to be a dining room. Emma, one of the children of the house, wakes up and finds them. They tell Emma that they are from another time and they discuss the ‘moles’ that they can see. Miss Pawsey, then modelled how to recognise pronouns and show who or what they are referring to. The children then had a go themselves.


On Thursday, we read on and found out that  Tom and Stella think that the moles create the tunnel between the two worlds. The moles only appear to certain people. Harry seems to be from both worlds. Crawley then catches Jack whilst Stella and Tom make it through the tunnel. Miss Pawsey then asked us to think about the link between the chapter title and the events in the story. She gave us four sentence starters;

I think Chapter 9 is called …

It is called this because …

We find out …

This tells us that …

Here are some of the wonderful and explanatory paragraphs that we have had sent in.

On Friday, we started of by reading Chapter 10 – ‘About Turn’ and in this chapter, Tom and Stella return home. However, Tom wants to help Jack so he decides to return ‘to the past’. Luckily, Stella catches him up and whilst they are looking for Jack they meet Lucy.  For our activity, we looked back through the text and practised our interpreting skills by answering some questions. The children did such and amazing job using the text to unlock the answers!

The author of our book, Karen Inglis, used the lake in Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, London as her inspiration. We asked the children to watch a video clip of the lake and then challenged Year 3 to create a picture, painting or model of the secret lake. We have been astounded by the brilliant art work.


For our ‘Well being challenge’ we asked the children to have their own ‘silent disco’ (we hoped the parents would approve of a few minutes peace!). It looks as though everyone had fun!

We also challenged Year 3 to do some research about the different boats that the RNLI use. They had seven questions to answer. See how well they have done.

Of course, there has been plenty of excellent maths work going on all week. Here are some examples.

During the week, there has been all sorts of other amazing home learning activities taking place. It has been wonderful to see your photos and your smiling faces.







Super work Year 3! We can’t wait to see what you achieve next week! You are amazing!