Year 3’s Amazing Learning!

Year 3 have been super busy this week becoming experts on Ancient Rome. We are so proud of them and their attitude to learning at home. It is so wonderful looking at all of the fantastic learning they have been doing.

On Monday, Mrs Power explained that they were going to create an information leaflet all about Ancient Rome to people to visit. Before they could begin, Mrs Power taught the children lots of interesting facts about entertainment, baths and shopping and the children worked super hard to write down notes about their favourite key points. Then, the children created a leaflet out of paper and began designing the front cover. We were amazed at how creative the children were with their front cover drawings!

For their Tuesday learning, the children were going to begin their introductory paragraph about Rome. But first, the children came up with powerful adjectives to persuade visitors and made their writing so interesting!

After a wonderful start to the leaflet making, Wednesday allowed the children to continue the next section all about the gladiators, chariot racing and entertainment from wild animals. Year 3 continued their hard work over the rest of the week, completed incredibly persuasive leaflets and had made us want to really visit Ancient Rome!



In Maths, Miss Tarrant set some problems using ladybirds that needed solving. The children had to create lots of different ways to make a number. They did an amazing job and worked really hard to investigate lots of different options. Our mathematicians then tried a Lego challenge where they looked at creative symmetrical solutions.


We also saw pictures and videos of the children making their very own Roman shields, designing beautiful book tokens and jumping lots of times in 60 seconds. You are all so amazing!