Year 3’s Cheerful Orchestra

Year 3 have had so much fun creating their cheerful orchestra over the last two weeks! They began by thinking about what an orchestra is and talked about the families within an orchestra. It was interesting to identify the different instruments that make up the string, woodwind, brass and percussion families.

The children then went on to sketch various instruments including violins, drums and tambourines. They used their shading techniques that we worked on earlier this term, to shade their drawings to create light and shade.

After reviewing their drawings, the children used the continuous line drawing technique to draw some different instruments. Everyone was careful to not let their pencil leave the paper.

The children then designed their own instruments using all of their ideas from previous lessons and incorporated robotic features.


Once we had completed our designs, we thought about how we would hold and play our instrument, and what sort of sound it would make. We performed in our own orchestras and bands!



We hope you like our cheerful orchestra!