Year 3’s creative creations!

It has been lovely seeing all of the activities Year 3 have been up to as part of their home learning this week! There are some tasks that have been set as challenges for the children by the teachers and other tasks that the children have found themselves. It has been wonderful receiving emails showing us the variety of activities the children have been up to!

This week, we set the children a Maths challenge to cut a square into 4 triangles. Following the rules that only long sides can touch long sides, and short sides can only touch short sides, we challenged the children to make as many different designs as they could! The children were super creative and many of them found all 10 solutions!

We have all been so impressed with the hard work and effort the children have put into their TTRS (times tables) this week. Times tables are such an important skills in Maths and it is wonderful to see the children improving week-upon-week. Keep it up! 🙂

As our computing challenge, we asked the children to use have some programming fun using Minecraft: Voyage Aquatic. This software is similar to Scratch and allowed the children to explore and build underwater worlds using code! Each level got a little harder, so the children needed to pay close attention to the instructions! Some of them achieved a certificate and other children were inspired to play some more Minecraft!

One of our challenges was for the children to create their own adventure story. Similar to The Secret Lake, their characters had to go through a magical passageway and end up some where amazing. The children really got stuck in and had some brilliant ideas!

Some of the tasks that the children decided to do at home included Mrs Small’s science experiments, BBC Bitesize DT and Geography lessons, and baking. The children looked like they had so much fun, and have they definitely learnt some new information and skills along the way!


The Year 3 teachers can’t wait to see what you get up to next week!