Year 4 Distinctive Domes!

Year 4 have been transformed into geodesic dome experts. During DT week, we learnt about what structures are, what they are made from and who might use them. To begin with, we researched how sometimes, older structures are more stable than newer ones. For example, we learnt that the colosseum in Rome was built 1942 years ago whereas London Stadium had only been built for 11 years. We realised that different materials, foundations and frameworks are crucial to build strong, safe structures.

The two main words that we learnt were flexibility and durability. Our first challenge was to build a tall, free standing structure out of marshmallows and spaghetti.

After this experiment, we were introduced to geodesic domes and their purpose. We designed our own structures and needed to consider the purpose, materials, durability, attractiveness and the flexibility. The next day, we made a prototype of our plan. Year 4 know that this allowed us to make improvements, changes and upgrades from our original designs. We had to be really resilient during this task and we made sure we didn’t give up! We made sure that we had thoroughly planned the structure we were about to make.

Then, we evaluated and made changes to our original designs ready to make our final, finished products! All of Year 4 worked so well and the adults were so impressed with them and their domes.