Year 5 Internet Safety Day

Below is a blog written by Year 6 children regarding a Year 5 recent activity (Internet Safety Day).

Year 5 Internet Safety Day

Recently, year 5’s have dedicated their learning to internet safety and how to stay safe online. They have even learnt a rap about being SMART on the internet. Yes, a Rap! (Please find at ). The children had to practise and rehearse plenty of times before having to perform their own version in classes. The rap contains the word SMART. It stands for:

Safe          Meeting          Acceptable          Reliable          Tell

Following the rap the Year 5’s had a quiz based on the lyrics of the rap. Many children were able to answer these challenging questions since they knew the rap so well. After the quiz, group discussions about Internet safety by Year 5 were had and many interesting posters created about staying safe whilst online.

The clearest message that came from everything was…

Keep yourself safe on the internet. If someone starts being mean to you online…TELL AN ADULT. If you don’t have the courage to tell an adult, then call childline.  Childline is very helpful if someone is cyberbullying you.

Overall it was a very worthwhile way to spend the day and many of the children will now feel a lot safe than they did before.