Year 5 make it hard to resist joining the Forty Thieves!

Over the past couple of weeks, year five pupils in school and at home have been learning about persuasive writing.

In the first week, we learnt our new text map- Are you looking for a good way to be bad? The children came up with some brilliant actions and performed this daily. Take a look at the actions the children in school came up with.


The following day, children looked at what features are used in this style of writing. They were able to identify when rhetorical questions were used, emotive and boastful language and even spotted when different sentence types were used!

Pawel was able to identify all the features and pick out some of his own.

The teachers were also blown away by how the children could use boastful language, with some using thesauruses to up-level their word choices, like Jacob below.

In the second week, children wrote to Aladdin to persuade him to join the notorious gang -the Forty Thieves and worked really hard and included all of the features.

Jenson included a brilliant “if, if, if, then” sentence.

Tyler included some brilliant alliteration and even included 2 superlatives!

Koby made his course sound really rare .

We hope you enjoyed persuading Aladdin to join the Forty Thieves, I know we really enjoyed reading them. Keep up the brilliant home learning and work in school.