Year 6 get down to business !

The Samme Project ( a business enterprise charity ) came into year 6 to work with them on an exciting project for the day.

First of all, they asked the children to get into groups and choose a team leader, who would ensure each member would have a say and would take part.

The children then watched a clip on Marwell Zoo. They were then told that their task was to design their very own Animal Park!  Year 6 were very excited about this challenge and were super excited. First they had to come up with a name for their animal park. Some of the names were as followed:

  • Zoodom
  • Happy Time
  • Topio Zoo


Next, they had to think of a catchy logo. Then they were asked to decide where their Animal Park would be built.

Each group how to draw a layout of their zoo. The groups worked very hard on this task and carefully thought about it, remembering they had to include attractions, animal houses and other facilities.

Also, the children had to ensure that disabled people were able to access the park and the facilities easily. The children were really good at planning this. For example, they thought about transport, elevators, and special animal areas for people with disabilities. One group even thought of a disabled swing which we thought was a fantastic idea!

After this, they were asked to come up with a price, thinking about how much they would charge customers to come into their zoo.  We encouraged them to carefully think about prices for each different group of people ( children, OAP, etc). Some groups even thought about selling an annual pass for the year.



Once they had designed their zoo, they had to make a mask of an animal who would live in their park! All the children seemed to thoroughly enjoy this task and had lots of fun guessing each other’s animals.

The adults leading the project, then told  year 6  about the adoption scheme many parks have available. The children learnt about the benefits of this scheme and how many animals.  The leaders modelled how to make an animal and then each group had to create their own animal, that the public could adopt.  These animals ranged from penguins to fish!

The last task, was for each group to produce a poster to advertise their park. Here are a few:



Finally, each group had three minutes to present their animal park to the rest of the year group. Fascinatingly, some groups had even made up a song about their Animal Park!







It was an extremely fun day and it gave the children an opportunity to experience what it would be like to start up their own small business!