Year 6 Maths

  Last week we worked in groups to order numbers, we used Twitter accounts of different personalities, schools, organisations and even teachers! Although, Mr Hart and Mr Warman didn’t have quite as many followers as Justin Beiber for some bizarre reason!

Firstly, we ordered from high to low. These were whole numbers. We discussed why these would never be decimals.

Secondly, we rounded the numbers to the nearest tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.  We discussed how it changed the order of the overall numbers and highs to lows.

Finally, we discussed  when this skill might be used in the real world and how useful it could be. For example, if you went to a concert, you wouldn’t tell someone that there was 66,789 people! You would automatically round this to 67,000 or 70,000. The students enjoyed the activity and developed their communication skills as well as their Maths rounding skills.