Year 6 Salt dough and magical machines!

Recently, the Year 6 children, both those working at home and those at school, have continued our new topic, ‘Marvellous Mayans’. Mr Warman challenged the children to research the Mayan calendar and then design and create their very own Mayan style tile from salt dough. Instructions were followed carefully, imaginations ran wild, and we had some unique and wonderful creations sent in! The children were so excited to get hands on in this Art and DT challenge, as were some of the parents too!

In English, our brilliantly creative Year 6 minds went into imagining their own magical machine inspired by the video ‘Red Miss Take’. The children were able to understand how to plan and write an explanation text which would give clear instructions as to how the mechanisms worked and what marvellous results would occur from this. We were delighted and so impressed with how well these came along.

The Machine of Magic – Luke Spinks 6PW

  • To start, pull down the lever on the side. This will send a current of energy to the heart of the machine. A whirring sound will be heard and the machine will begin to heat up. A green light will flash once to indicate the machine is ready to be used. The pressure monitor arrow will also start to move upwards, once it has reached the top, the lids of the containers will open automatically. They are filled with potions and liquids. The potions, liquids and steam will be drawn into the vacuum pipe and this pipe transports the mixture into the transformation capsule. A click will be heard as the anti-open mechanism on the capsule is activated. The machine is now completely energised and working to create your dreams and turn them into reality. (Story book characters brought to life and turned into real life replicas). Once the model has been created and formed, the door will open and the model is ejected. As the model comes out, it will be in a seated position. Any remaining potion, steam and liquid is released through the door of the capsule to evaporate into the atmosphere.


Well done Year 6, you were incredible again! Look out for more Mayan Marvels next week. We can’t wait to see what Year 6 can continue to produce.