Year Four, Home Learning Galore!

Year 4 have made a fantastic effort at settling back into home learning. The children are producing some wonderful paragraphs to build suspense and tension, all of the Year 4 teachers are really enjoying reading the creative ideas for their stories.

In Maths, the children have been learning different methods to work out some tricky multiplication questions. They have used number lines and column method. We are even seeing some really wonderful answers to the reasoning questions of the children explaining why certain answers are wrong or right.

Our challenges have included science, topic, RE and PE. The children have looked at different food chains and created their own by drawing and labelling each part.

We have also enjoyed seeing lots of the children getting excited about exploring our Ancient Egyptian topic, completing activities such as finding facts about Tutankhamun, drawing themselves as Ancient Egyptians, following a tutorial on creating an Egyptian Queen/King and investigating questions we would like to find out.

At school, the children have been having lots of fun learning about the Ancient Egyptians too. They have learnt about hieroglyphics and created their own cartouches out clay, writing their own names on them in hieroglyphs. They have also learnt about how Egyptian pharaohs would have worn extravagant headpieces and some even wore a fake beard!

Keep up the good work Year 4. We can’t wait to see what you will get up to next week!