Year One’s Magic Spell Pots!

In Year One this week, we have explored a range of resources to make observational drawings and discussed why artists might use a range of mediums for different effects. We were then set a challenge by our teachers to put all our learning together to create a magic spell pot!

We started off by gathering a variety of ‘ingredients’ to make our magic spell.

Next, we drew the ingredients in pencil and then added to our drawings using different mediums.

Afterwards, we tore out our still drawings and put them all together to add to our cauldron pot, to make a swirling effect.


Next, we added dynamic mark making to the ‘pot,’ using different mediums.

Finally, we added turbulent water drawings around the outside of the pot, using charcoal and black pens.

Take a look at the finished spell pot! We are now really inspired for our spell writing next week!