Year Two – Dino Discovery Launch!

Year Two had an incredibly exciting morning!  The children have finally met Professor Matthew Bennett!

Year Two have been researching who this man is and why he knows so much about dinosaurs! Professor Bennett showed the children his PaeleoGo App! He had pet dinosaurs in his Ipad. Year Two had SO much fun seeing the dinosaurs come to life in front of their very own eyes!

Year Two also had the challenge to create a hybrid dinosaur design using their creative drawing skills.

The children asked many questions to Professor Bennett. He confirmed that he is a geologist/palaeontologist and travels the world looking for evidence. He looked at some of the Year Two English books and was proud (and surprised) that our work this week had been all about him!

Our visitor was impressed with the questions he was asked and very much enjoyed his time at Kingsleigh Primary School!


Professor Bennett and his invention team have agreed to hold a competition with our Year Two children. The winning T-Rex design will feature in the PaleoGo App!!! This is the first time any children have participated with the design team! The video of the winning T-Rex design will be sent to us and then feature in the app! The app can be accessed around the world!

Not only this…the team at Bournemouth University have kindly agreed to showcase ALL the Year Two T-Rex designs on their website.

More details to follow…..