Year Two Poetry Performers!

As part of our Africa topic, Year Two have been reading, writing and performing poems about African animals.  We began by reading a selection of poems and talked in detail about the features we could spot.  We then decided which parts of the poems we enjoyed the most.

We watched some famous people such as Micheal Rosen perform poems and talked about what makes a fantastic poetry recital.  We decided that we would love to recite some of our own poems so the first step was to write some!

We looked in detail at a poem about an elephant so we could imitate the key features for our own poem.

We noticed the poem had adjectives, verbs, similes and statements so we made a plan using these key features about our own African animals.

From our plan we were able to write some really beautiful poetry about our own animal.  Our next step was to practise our poems ready to recite to our class!  We all did such a great job that our teachers organised a year group zoom call where some children could perform their poems to the whole year group!  Mr Lumber heard about our poems and asked to listen to some of the poems over zoom too!

We are very proud of our Year Twos for all their hard work on their poems.  You can read a selection of them below.

by Alice in 2NZ

By Cohen in 2NZ

ByLaura in 2JG

By Nikola in 2JG

By Dylan in 2SE

By Richie in 2SE


By Katie in 2PPSW

By Brodie in 2PPSW