Year Two’s Incredible Inventions

As part of there Incredible Inventions topic, Year Two were challenged to create their own inventions with moving parts.  During our DT lessons, we learnt about different mechanisms which gave us some ideas for our own inventions.

We began by looking at some examples and then thought carefully about how we would like to make our own.  We had so many wonderful ideas! After creating our initial blueprints,  we got into teams and thought carefully about how we could combine all our fantastic ideas.  We put these ideas into a Venn diagram which really helped us to combine our designs without any arguments!

We then created our final blueprint, thinking about the materials we would need and how the mechanism would work to make a moving part.  We had so much fun creating our inventions. Have a look at some of our amazing creations!


We loved making our pulley mechanisms and our hope you enjoyed seeing some of our masterpieces too!