Year Two’s Marshmallow Monsters!

To kick off our first few days of home learning, we thought we’d start with a fun short movie about a marshmallow monster! The monster was pretty terrifying but once he saw a boy’s marshmallows he transformed into a cute, loveable creature! However when the marshmallows all ran out he turned nasty again.

The children in year two made us proud on their very first day of learning and sent in some fantastic pictures of the marshmallow monster with adjectives to describe it on the outside and adjectives to describe how it acted on the inside.

As you can see, Nick in 2JG really took pride in his work and used his very best handwriting. He made sure he thought of as many adjectives as he could.

Nyla’s marshmallow monster was very naughty and had a long tongue! Great work Nyla!

The following day the children were challenged to use their imagination to create their own monster! We had all sorts of ideas and it was so lovely to see all the children’s work. We also asked them to make sure they used powerful adjectives.

We loved Daisy’s fuzzy, cheerful monster and Cohen’s evil creature with extended arms!!

Finally, the children were able to use their amazing adjectives to make expanded noun phrases and then 2A sentences. Lots of children really pushed themselves here and wrote many sentences, showing their stamina for writing at home.

Dylan in 2PPSW really did us proud and took lots of time over his work, using all the correct punctuation and remembered his commas between adjectives.

Jessica in 2PPSW was given a green pen to mark her own work and highlighted correct capital letters, full stops, commas and adjectives. Her Mum then spotted 2 spelling mistakes for her to practise.

We were impressed that Meredith used the word ‘vast’ in her writing as that was a key word in our reading videos this week!     Well done Year Two for working so hard in our first week back to home learning.  We are really proud of you!