Year Two’s Tremendous Text Map!

As part of our ‘bees’ topic we are going to write our own version of Jack and the beanstalk.  So we decided to learn a new text map telling the original story.  We all discussed the story and the different versions we know and there are lots of different ways it has been told.  We then had a go at reading the text map.


We put lots of exciting actions alongside the text map to help us remember it and performed it to our classmates.  We pointed out all the great sentences in our text map and could see how effective the adjectives were and exclamation sentences.

We were then given the opportunity to perform the text map to our classmates and played lots of silly games and competitions to help us remember it which was great fun.  We even retold it in silly voices.  Now we know our text map really well and will be able to use all the great ideas in our own writing over the following weeks!

We recreated the text maps as you can see below.

Ved 2NZ

Amelia 2PP/SW

Louie 2SE

Watch this space as we will be posted our own versions of the traditional story soon!