‘You look like you could use a hand!’ – Puppet fun in Year 3

Year 3 children have been working exceptionally hard with their DT work this half term and have created Woodland animals to go with our Woodland Watch topic. Most children have never sown before but after a lot of perseverance and dedication they managed to sew two pieces of fabric together to make their puppet outline! Some used tricky techniques such as a back stitch but most kept it simple with a running stitch.


Next was time to add some features to help bring their puppet characters to life! We discussed what each animal would need and either cut further pieces of fabric or had some pre made features they could stick on. Positioning the features was rather tricky as the children had to ensure they were lining things up correctly to help liven up their puppets. Once left to dry, the children were able to play with their puppets and began to create little scenes where the creatures interacted!


Have a look at some of our finished examples!