Admissions Information

Admissions to Kingsleigh Primary School

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Tours to look around the school can be arranged by contacting the school on 01202 528893 or email

Admissions for Kingsleigh Primary School are co-ordinated by Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council.

If your child is due to start Reception Year in September or if you are applying for an In-year place (moving to the area or wishing to change schools within the academic year) you can apply on the BCP School Admissions Website.

Further information on how to apply and the application process can be found by clicking the link below which will take you to School Admissions on the BCP Website:

Click here – BCP Admissions Website 

You should receive a decision within 15 days of your admission application, which will be sent to you usually by email from BCP Admission


Kingsleigh Primary School & Pre-School Admission Policy

Our Admission Policy is found under the Policies tab on our website.

Click here – Kingsleigh Primary School Admissions Policy


Coordinated Admissions Scheme

Please find the link below to the Coordinated Scheme where you can find useful dates

Click Here – BCP Council Co-ordinated Scheme 2022-23


Admissions Appeals

 Appeals for Reception Year, Year 1 and Year 2

Infant class sizes for Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 are limited to no more than 30 pupils.  An appeal for an infant class where an extra child would take the class over 30 pupils will only be allowed in limited exceptional circumstances, as the appeal panel’s powers are limited by legislation.

Appeals for Years 3 to 6

Appeals for Years 3 to 6 are heard as what is known as two-stage appeals.

What to do if you wish to appeal:

You will need to complete the relevant Appeal Form depending on the year group your child is in and return it directly to the BCP Education Appeals Service.  For further information about Appeals and to access the Appeal Form please find the link below to Appeals on the BCP Website:

Click here  – Kingsleigh Primary School Appeals Timetable

Click here – BCP Appeals 

Click here – Catchment area map

If You Do Not Have Internet Access
If you do not have internet access then a hard copy will be provided.  Please contact us on 01202 528893 or BCP Admissions directly on 01202 123222.