At Kingsleigh Primary we believe that everyone should be able to learn, thrive and achieve their best in a secure, vibrant and inspiring environment. Our values of, Respect, Belonging and Aspiration underpin the ethos of our school community and are promoted throughout all areas of school life; from the classroom to the staffroom and the playground to beyond the school gates.

We are a large primary school with incredible facilities that enhance the curriculum and experiences we are able to offer. These include a large sports hall, multi-use games areas and ICT suite. We also benefit from a large staff ensuring that pupils are well supported in all areas of school life, both within and outside the classroom. We work hard to support, not only, our pupil’s academic needs but their social and emotional ones as well.

We offer a forward thinking, innovative and exciting curriculum which means that our children are motivated to learn, achieve their best, take pride in what they do and leave us with fond memories and confidence for the next stage of their journey.

Visitors to our school frequently say what a genuine, welcoming and friendly place it is and we are proud of the ethos that we have created.

We can’t wait to welcome you to come and visit and see for yourself that Kingsleigh really is a school where, “Everyone can be Great!”

Mr James Lumber        Mrs Holly Tarchetti

Headteacher                 Deputy Headteacher

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What's New?

There is never a dull day in school, take a look through our school blog to see what we’ve been up to recently.

24th May 2022

Colour Exploration!

Reception have been exploring colour using spices, plants, fruits and vegetables. They were very excited to see what colours could be made. The spices were…

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23rd May 2022

Year One’s Magic Spell Pots!

In Year One this week, we have explored a range of resources to make observational drawings and discussed why artists might use a range of…

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20th May 2022

Illustrator Inspiration

Year 3 have been working on an art project inspired by the illustrator Quentin Blake. He illustrated most of Ronald Dahl’s books, as well as…

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18th May 2022

Evil Pea has escaped in Reception!

This week, Evil Pea escaped from the freezer! He was wreaking havoc in the Reception classrooms. There were green footprints everywhere! We came in from…

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